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Author Website Designer, Kate Anchev
Author Website Design Services

If you want me to design your author website I offer 3 tiers of pricing options resulting in a beautiful, professional site.

Author Website Strategy Services

If you want someone to answer your questions and guide you in the right direction, you can schedule strategy time with me to pick my brain.

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With Kate, I never have to worry whether our site has been properly set up for SEO or whether our analytics tracking is included. She knows how to make effective and attractive websites that meet the goals of both publishers and authors.”

⁠— Courtney Sanks
Digital Marketing Manager at St. Martin’s Press

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Kate is fantastic to work with! Super-organized, responsive, and fast. Also, she can advise on the bewildering choices you have to make to get your website going, and walk you through the mechanics of blogging, etc. I’ve been so thankful to have her on my side. Viva Kate!”

⁠— Author Betsy Woodman

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“Kate has the rare ability to exceed my expectations on every project. She works relentlessly to make sure that no minor detail is overlooked. I can’t wait for our next project!”

⁠— Jason Liebman
Marketing Director, Digital Technology
at Henry Holt & Company

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Some of Kate’s Clients

American Library Association
Henry Holt Publishers
Macmillan Publishers
Hachette Book Group