I’m sure you’ve seen all those people on Twitter who tweet their blog posts, and you’ve probably also seen blogs where they either link to their Twitter account, or show their tweets right there on the page.  How do they do it? How *do* you connect your blog and Twitter?

Here’s how:

Did you know you can do something similar with Facebook?  If you have a Facebook account, and especially if you have a page or group there for your business, you can have your Tweets automatically update your Facebook status, and have your blog content show up there too:

And while I’m offering suggestions on how to single-source updates to multiple platforms, HootSuite will update multiple platforms at once, from just about any device or service.

Keep in mind, however, that you don’t ALWAYS want everything to go everywhere or people might start to think of you as a broken record…  it is true that people tend to stick with their favorite service so they may not see that you posted the same thing across multiple accounts, but if someone is researching you, they certainly will.  And sometimes it’s just a nice thing for those who follow you to get a personalized message about a blog post you wrote.  So, go ahead, automate your social networking life… just don’t forget to add a little bit of your own voice sometimes.