Outbox Online Design Studio
Outbox Online Design Studio

Website Design Services: Reviewing an Online Portfolio

Web designers have online portfolios — that’s just the nature of the business. I’m a web designer here in (currently) rainy Portland, Oregon, and my own portfolio has been through multiple iterations since I started in the year 2000: outboxonline.com. So, if you’re looking for someone to be your web designer, you’re likely going to see lots of online portfolios. It can be overwhelming, but Read more...

Why Hire a Web Designer?

There are lots of different reasons people hire web designers: They don't understand the internet, what it's capable of, and how to use it to their benefit. They understand the internet, but they don't have the skills necessary to create a web presence for themselves, and don't want some standard ubiquitous template that may or may not meet their needs. They have some skills, but Read more...

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