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Author Website Design Inspiration: Tips from the Best Author Websites

Something I like to do as I embark on a new year as an author website designer is re-examine what makes for great author website design.  I've been doing this for over a decade, and each year I am encouraged by something new on the list.  Sometimes it's a change to technology, like how mobile-devices revolutionized how we design websites, and other times it's a Read more...

5 Tips for the Best Author Website Design

The best author website design is different for every author.  That's a tricky way to open this blog post, right?  But even if each author's webpage design should be tailored to their project & their audience, there are a handful of things that should be kept in mind for ALL author websites. HERE ARE 5 CRITICAL ELEMENTS: 1. Navigation should be easy.  While that should Read more...

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The Best Author Websites – What do they have in common?

Because I frequently work on author & book websites, I often spend time looking at examples of all different kinds of websites so that I know what creative & effective things are being done that can translate into a successful author site. Author, publisher & book websites have specific needs and require a familiarity with the lifecycle of a book, bibliography or series, and how Read more...

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