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Outbox Online - Author Website Design

Author Website Design Inspiration: Tips from the Best Author Websites

Something I like to do as I embark on a new year as an author website designer is re-examine what makes for great author website design.  I've been doing this for over a decade, and each year I am encouraged by something new on the list.  Sometimes it's a change to technology, like how mobile-devices revolutionized how we design websites, and other times it's a Read more...

Secrets of a Great Author Website: 3 Tips

There are three elements that some author websites use that make all the difference in their web presence.  It may be surprising to you that none of these secrets have to do with how the site looks, how fancy it is, what its budget is, or what platform it uses.  All of them have to do with the content itself and how you use it: Read more...

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