I’m honored that Outbox Online is included in The Self-Publisher’s Ultimate Resource Guide: Every Indie Author’s Essential Directory-To Help You Prepare, Publish, and Promote Professional Looking Books

The Self-Publisher's Ultimate Resource Guide

The Self-Publisher’s Ultimate Resource Guide is the first and largest collection of curated and verified resources for independent authors who plan to publish their own books. Produced by a team with long experience in both traditional and independent publishing, the over 850 resources are listed in an easy-to-use format that includes live links, phone numbers, email addresses and brief descriptive copy. The Guide makes vendors and other resources easy to find by separating them into 33 distinct categories within the 3 main tasks the self-publisher must deal with. How to Prepare, Publish, and Promote their books.

The book was written by Joel Friedlander, who is a self-published author, an award-winning book designer, and an accomplished blogger. And Betty Kelly Sargent, the founder of BookWorks.com, The Self-Publisher’s Association.

“Independent authors need a team to help create a fantastic finished product, and finding the right people can be a challenge when you first start out. This book will help authors to locate professionals to edit, publish and market their work — helping them to stand out in the crowded marketplace.”
—Joanna Penn, The Creative Penn

I’ve worked with many authors on their self published book websites, and I love being part of the team that brings people’s dreams of being an author to life. It’s wonderful to be recognized in this way as a resource for self-published authors when it comes to creating their websites!

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