Project Description

Katie Burke contacted me ahead of the release of her 2nd book, Sea Change: Women and Nonbinary People Reshaping Surfing Wave by Wave. She had an existing site that she loved, but it was entirely designed around her first book’s theme.  She wanted “a beautiful, engaging, colorful website… [and]… to have a platform where people can easily access information about all of my books.” I created a solution for her that allows her to feature her newest project, and also creates a sustainable model into which she can add other books (or other ventures) in the future.  We had a great time planning and executing some cool features that allow her to share ongoing stories of all types and leverage a mailing list.

quote marksKate is so much fun to work with. She is detail oriented, and she moves quickly through projects with enthusiasm and wonderful ideas. She understood my vision and executed it beautifully. I am so happy with both the finished product and the process.

– Katie Burke