Project Description

Jasmin contacted me after seeing my work online wanting a WordPress website for her memoir, Always Too Much And Never Enough (Berkeley Press, February 2016).  She already had great photos and headshots ready-to-go, plus a great book cover design.  After strategizing with her about what kind of content would serve her best and how we might present it, we decided on a website model that would easily allow her to add content for events, and book promotion (a future video & additional vendors, for example) and bring extra dimension to her story through photos.  The site visuals use neutral backgrounds with vivid pops of color, which aligns with Jasmin’s personal style, and keeps the site flexible enough so that she can add new books in the future without rethinking the site design.

Since the initial launch of this site, Jasmin has authored a second book, The VegNews Guide to Being a Fabulous Vegan, started publicizing her acting career, and expanded her speaking career. I’m delighted to be with her along this journey making sure her website continues to reflect her career.