Recently I wrote about the importance of delegating when it comes to running your business & maintaining your sanity.  Among the tasks that may be delegated is the generation of blog posts, Tweets, Facebook or Pinterest content (among others).  While there is nothing quite like your authentic voice — and you probably should add your own personal touch from time-to-time — it is possible for someone else to easily add some targeted content to your social media outlets with great success.

By establishing the keywords that bring the most relevant information and people to your attention, someone else can take the reigns when it comes to posting news that position you as an expert, making fruitful connections, responding to questions, participating in relevant conversations on your behalf, and bringing your product or service to the attention of those who may need it.  With just a couple of hours a week, someone can handle your social media, and also track its effectiveness through analytics to be sure that future efforts have a greater chance of success.

Not only will your social media impact increase because someone will be dedicated to it, but you’ll maintain a single voice with the added benefit of collaboration.  Collaborating with a social media expert will bring new content not only to the attention of your audience, but to you as well.   They can track mentions of your business, and promote your triumphs!

Finding someone to work with is as simple as finding someone who is willing to understand your business and how you see it evolving… it might be someone you employ already.   If you find someone who is comfortable and familiar with social media, you’ll achieve traction more quickly — but anyone who is passionate about what you do will be a great help.