In addition to making sure your author website is set up for modern browsing on various devices, you want to make sure the content stays relevant as your career progresses.  Even if you’re not releasing a new book, there are some things you should check on regularly to make sure they’re up to date:

Keeping Your Author Website Updated and Fresh1. If you set up preorder links before your book went on sale, update those to Buy Now links.  And if you haven’t already done so, consider tracking those links using a service like Bitly so that you know where your purchases are coming from.

2. If you used language like, “New!” or “Just Released!” or “Coming this Summer!” make sure that gets updated once the time has passed.  There’s nothing that dates a site more than seeing content that no longer applies.

3. Use a recent headshot.  If it’s clear that your headshot was taken in the mid-90’s, it’s time to update!  Not only do you want to represent your current self, you want to take advantage of current, popular headshot styles that demonstrate that you’re not behind the times.

4. Keep your bio updated.  As your career progresses, things like your newest books, award wins, and links to new projects might not make it into your author website bio.  Be sure to read it over so that you’re taking advantage of all your assets when it comes to encouraging people to write about you and your work.

5. Keep your social media channels accurate.  If you have a Twitter profile, but never use it, it’s not only not doing you any good, it might be demonstrating that you’re a disinterested party.  So make sure the social media profile links you list are well-used and accurate.

6. Add the latest reviews.  When your book is first released, there are often a collection of blurbs and reviews you have ready-to-go for your project, but as time goes on, are you checking to make sure there aren’t any great new ones available?  Be sure to do some Googling to see if there aren’t new articles that you don’t know about with kind words in them, or Amazon reviews with great pull-quotes.  Be sure to add them to your book pages.

7. Make sure your website doesn’t have any broken links.  You want to be sure that when people visit your site, you aren’t sending them to broken links as it can be a usability frustration.  There are plugins you can use with WordPress that will scan your site for broken links and alert you when any are found to make this easy.

All told, these 7 check-points won’t take very long to perform regularly, but will go a long way towards making sure your author website is making the impression you want.