Client-Attracting Freelance Websites (and why they work)

freelancers_union_logoMy work on the website of Katie Lane of Work Made For Hire, a Portland-based legal consultant for creative folks, was featured in the Freelancers Union blog! The blog post is about 4 client-attracting freelance websites, and why they work.


A freelancer’s website performs 5 main functions. They should be the skeleton of every website, no matter your field:

  1. It conveys exactly what you do, clearly and compellingly.
  2. It provides your contact information.
  3. It displays your portfolio or resume. It communicates your expertise and builds a foundation of trust before the client is even a client.
  4. It portrays your personality and work ethic. This builds trust, relatability, and attracts the right kinds of clients.
  5. It’s the hub of your all your online activity. It should contain links to your social networks, your blog, etc. (Social networks = social proof that you are well-respected in your field.)

Katie’s website accomplishes all five main functions while conveying her easy-going personality in a format that directly appeals to her clients (other freelancers)…

You can read the full article here:

Work Made for Hire Website

Work Made for Hire Website

I’m thrilled to have this website included! It’s important to me that the sites I work on leverage each client’s specific goals for their business so that their site is not only attractive, but also specifically suited to their needs.

Katie is a great client who clearly & strategically communicates her services directly to her target market because she knows what she wants to do and who she wants to do it for. This makes her great to work with on her website because decisions get made based on how well they help her meet her target, which makes for a more successful end result.