Guide for Image Sharing

Many people are very concerned about their content being stolen on the Internet. And often they're justified in their concern -- if you put your content anywhere the public can see it, it is possible for someone to reuse it and claim it's their own. If this damages your business, then you should not only do what you can to protect your content by copyrighting Read more...

Be Careful With Your Search Engine Marketing

There are LOADS of companies you can hire who make grandiose promises about site hits and where you'll land in Google search results. Some of those companies use "Black Hat" (ie: negative) techniques which can get you blacklisted by search engines - effectively the opposite of what you're looking for. So how do you know who is reputable? What's the best way forward? Here are Read more...

Using Photos & Videos for Web Marketing

We all know how it's important to make meaningful connections with your clients and/or customers. One of the ways you can do this is by sharing with them not only through Twitter and Facebook, but also through YouTube and Flickr. Your brand is an extension of your personality, so use the great tools out there that help you bring it to life!

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