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I’m an author website designer who writes articles for authors, writers, journalists and anyone looking to showcase their written work online.

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Successful Historical Biography Author Websites: What Do They Have in Common?

I love working on websites for authors of historical biographies and historical nonfiction.  Not only do I get to learn about interesting historical figures and events, but I also get to bring them to life for website visitors.  And that is really the crux of what makes an author website successful: identifying the best way to bring the subject(s) to life while also featuring the author. One of the great things about historical book websites is that there is often Read more...

Author Websites for Multiple Genres or Larger Careers

As an author website designer I often work with clients who are facing one of two scenarios in their career: They've written books, maybe even a series, across multiple genres.  Perhaps they have books for children, and also adults.  Or, maybe they've written romantic fiction and also thrillers. Being an author is one part of their expertise, but on top of that, they are also educators, or speakers, or consultants, or therapists, or journalists, etc.. And if one of these Read more...

Choosing Photography for Your Author Website

When I start working with authors they often have many pieces of collateral needed for their website ready-to-go; things like book blurbs, social media links, purchase links, etc... but one area I find many authors haven't considered is photography. Often they have a standard author headshot -- one that shows their head and torso, but the kind of impact they want to create requires more than that.  This is true of fiction or nonfiction authors alike.  I recommend that you Read more...

Enhancing Your Author Website Design: Create a Book Clubs Page

If you're an author who is already attending book club meetings (virtually, of course) about your book, have you made sure you tell people about that on your author website? Book clubs can be a great way to connect with your fans, old and new alike. Often a book club rotates which member gets to choose the next book, and often that book is new to other members. That means if you, as the author, can either provide information to Read more...

Author Website Design: Selling Your Own Books

Most often when working with my author web design clients their books are being sold via online retailers like Amazon, B&N, or iBooks. Occasionally authors have their own solutions, especially self-published authors, like Bookbaby, Blurb, or Lulu. In either case, it's simple to support this from the perspective of building the website because we can just create purchase links/buttons to those retailers and the ordering & fulfillment is left up to them. But occasionally an author wants to sell their Read more...

Not sure what your author website needs?

Don’t have any idea how to build your own website, but know that you need one?

Kate helps authors who want to establish a strong online presence create a website that represents who they are, and what their book is all about. You could have a gorgeous landing page for your book that was created by a professional author website designer within 2-4 weeks, leaving you to work on higher-value tasks in the book publishing process. Each website is designed with you in mind to help get your book in front of a bigger audience, to sell more, and to allow you to focus on the business of being an author rather than a website designer.

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How it Works…

You provide simple information about your book(s) and Kate takes it from there, quickly delivering a complete, fully-functional website built just for you.

Kate creates websites designed to appeal to readers across all device displays that always look great and reach more people. Your time is limited leading up to your book release, and you need to be focusing on high-value promotional tasks rather than being frustrated trying to make a great author website.

quote marks

It’s really great. Not what I pictured in my head, but I love it. I think that means you’re a great designer. The Don Draper of web design?”

⁠— Outbox Online Client

quote marks

It’s really great. Not what I pictured in my head, but I love it. I think that means you’re a great designer. The Don Draper of web design?”

⁠— Outbox Online Client

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