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Author Logos: Do You Need One?

An author does not necessarily need a logo. Unlike businesses or brands, authors typically promote themselves and their work through their name and book covers. While a logo can be a useful branding tool for businesses, it is not a standard requirement for authors. However, some authors may choose to create a personal logo or a stylized version of their name to use on their book covers, promotional materials, or social media profiles. This can help create a consistent visual identity and make it easier for readers to recognize them and their work. Additionally, if an author is also running a personal brand or website centered around their writing or expertise, they might consider having a logo to reinforce that Read more...

Author SEO & Author Keywords: What Do You Need to Know?

One of the questions I ask my author website design clients when we first get started on their project is what they think their website's keywords should be. This helps me understand not only how they think about themselves, but also their understanding of SEO, how they think about their book(s), and how we might structure their website content for content marketing. Understandably, few authors have a great understanding of online searchability (aka SEO), and why would they? It has a reputation for being confusing, complicated, and ever-changing. And most authors, even those focused on author marketing, have the time to deep dive into SEO. It's absolutely true that getting found online is mostly about doing things that Google Read more...

Must-Have Content for any Author Website Design

I’ve written before about the kind of content I suggest you include on your author website, but I recently realized some time has passed, so I thought it was time to revisit this critical topic. While my recommendations in that article still apply, I have some additional and updated thoughts about must-have author website content to help you get started on your author website journey. Here is some updated must-have content for any author website design: 1. A clear and concise message: The website should clearly communicate who the author is, what they write, and why readers should be interested in their work. I like to use a formula to do this: I write _____, for _____, so that they Read more...

When Self-Promotion is Challenging for Authors

Self promotion doesn’t come naturally for many people, not just authors. Some people find it easy to talk about themselves, and share their strengths and accomplishments, but lots of folks don’t. It can be difficult for several reasons: Fear of Rejection: Many people fear being judged or rejected when promoting themselves. They worry about what others might think of them or their work, and this fear can hold them back from putting themselves out there, or putting themselves out there enough. It’s important to acknowledge that while you might not be a favorite author for everyone, you can be a favorite author for your audience. If there are folks outside of your target audience with whom you don’t resonate, you Read more...

5 Tips for Writing Effective Author Website Content

As an author, of course you want to create engaging and informative content for your author website. But what does that mean? How do you best connect with potential fans? What keeps them coming back for more? How is writing content for your author website different than writing your book? As an author website designer who has worked with folks from best-selling authors and celebrities, to unknown self-published authors debuting their first book, I have many years of experience and thoughts on this topic. Essentially, in order to communicate effectively, it is vital to keep your audience in mind by providing clear and organized content that caters to their needs and preferences. It's important to acknowledge that website visitors Read more...

Does an Author Really Need a Website?

As an author website designer, my knee-jerk reaction is, of course, an enthusiastic yes! But as someone who really likes to understand the why of things, I also regularly ask myself why that's true. Where is the value for the author? How can I make sure the work that I do is contributing to that value? When I think about it and distill it down, here are the top 5 reasons authors need websites: A professional online presence: An author website can provide a professional resource where readers can find information about the author and their work straight from the source. Not from a third party, who may (or may not) be accurate, and as up-to-date as possible. The Read more...

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Don’t have any idea how to build your own website, but know that you need one?

Kate helps authors who want to establish a strong online presence create a website that represents who they are, and what their book is all about. You could have a gorgeous landing page for your book that was created by a professional author website designer within 2-4 weeks, leaving you to work on higher-value tasks in the book publishing process. Each website is designed with you in mind to help get your book in front of a bigger audience, to sell more, and to allow you to focus on the business of being an author rather than a website designer.

How it Works…

You provide simple information about your book(s) and Kate takes it from there, quickly delivering a complete, fully-functional website built just for you.

Kate creates websites designed to appeal to readers across all device displays that always look great and reach more people. Your time is limited leading up to your book release, and you need to be focusing on high-value promotional tasks rather than being frustrated trying to make a great author website.

quote marks

It’s really great. Not what I pictured in my head, but I love it. I think that means you’re a great designer. The Don Draper of web design?”

⁠— Outbox Online Client

quote marks

It’s really great. Not what I pictured in my head, but I love it. I think that means you’re a great designer. The Don Draper of web design?”

⁠— Outbox Online Client

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