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I’m an author website designer who writes articles for authors, writers, journalists and anyone looking to showcase their written work online.

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Transitioning from your old author website to a new one…

I've been an author website designer for long enough that many of my clients have moved from the first iteration of their websites to the second (or more). This most often happens because enough time has passed that technology has changed and they would benefit from a refresh to take advantage of the latest capabilities of the internet. Beyond that, new, popular tools come along (hello, Substack), what's fashionable online changes, and how people find you online has evolved. Add Read more...

Are you a busy author? Here’s what you don’t need to do…

The last few months, and especially the last few weeks, before the release of your book are hectic.  Reader copies have gone out and you're starting to hear back.  PR is being scheduled.  Your publisher (whether it's you or someone else) has lots of tasks to finalize. Not to mention that your anxiety levels will naturally rise a bit because it's a big deal to release a book.  Whether you've released a book before or not, you've been working on Read more...

The Best Author Website Designs Make it Easy to Contact You

It's possible, as an author, that you're a relatively private person. After all, for many writers, one of the things that appeals to them about writing is that they can do it alone, without distraction, regularly. It's an activity preferred by someone who is at least a little bit of an introvert. As an author website designer, I have conversations with my clients regularly about their author website's Contact page. What I always recommend is that they provide as many Read more...

How to know when it’s time to update your author website design…

Until last week, the current iteration of my website was around for 7+ years. That is a long lifetime in terms of a website. That old saying about the cobbler's children having no shoes applies here too -- I am lucky to be really busy with author website design clients so rarely have time to update my own site.  But after developing a few frustration points with it, I realized it was time for me to prioritize myself and my Read more...

Not sure what your author website needs?

Don’t have any idea how to build your own website, but know that you need one?

Kate helps authors who want to establish a strong online presence create a website that represents who they are, and what their book is all about. You could have a gorgeous landing page for your book that was created by a professional author website designer within 2-4 weeks, leaving you to work on higher-value tasks in the book publishing process. Each website is designed with you in mind to help get your book in front of a bigger audience, to sell more, and to allow you to focus on the business of being an author rather than a website designer.

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How it Works…

You provide simple information about your book(s) and Kate takes it from there, quickly delivering a complete, fully-functional website built just for you.

Kate creates websites designed to appeal to readers across all device displays that always look great and reach more people. Your time is limited leading up to your book release, and you need to be focusing on high-value promotional tasks rather than being frustrated trying to make a great author website.

quote marks

It’s really great. Not what I pictured in my head, but I love it. I think that means you’re a great designer. The Don Draper of web design?”

⁠— Outbox Online Client

quote marks

It’s really great. Not what I pictured in my head, but I love it. I think that means you’re a great designer. The Don Draper of web design?”

⁠— Outbox Online Client

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