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Whether your brand needs an overhaul or you’re starting from scratch, Outbox Online can design a clean, fresh, unique logo for your business. Outbox Online logo designs are strong enough to stand on their own, but can also work harmoniously with existing or new collateral setting the tone for your brand. And as part of a larger project with Outbox Online, your logo can be featured on websites, business cards, and other promotional materials in a way that presents a clear and consistent brand experience.

Catalyst Wilderness Therapy Program Logo

Catalyst Wilderness Therapy Program

As a brand new non-profit organization working its way towards their inaugural expedition, Catalyst needed to start with a logo that could be used on their website & marketing materials. Working with Bri Condon, the founder, I designed a logo that would communicate the strength, clarity and context for their therapeutic work.

Services Provided: Logo Design, Web Design, Marketing Materials Design, Brand Strategy Consulting

Bri CondonAs a founder of a new non-profit organization I was in need of assistance with branding, marketing design, website development, and a confidence boost. After our initial conversations Kate was able to draft ideas that matched exactly what I needed and helped with so much more. She is extremely dedicated and more than that, outrageously talented with helping unique organizations communicate effectively with their audience base. Kate is my number one referral that I will gladly hand out to leaders of small businesses and non-profit organizations in need of assistance formalizing their ideas, concepts, and materials.

Bri Condon, E.D at Catalyst Wilderness Therapy Program

Organized Artistry Logo

Organized Artistry

Stacey Murray of Organized Artistry wanted a complete brand overhaul. Her logo and website had served her business well over the years, but she wanted a fresh & up-to-date look for her small business that spoke to where she wants it to go. We started with her logo design, and I worked with themes around organization, and also the idea of creating order out of chaos. Creating the abstract squiggle that resolves into the “O” of the business title is a unique way to get that point across without using any specific organization imagery. This allows Stacy to take her business in any direction she wants, and the squiggle acts as great, stand-alone iconography she can use throughout her marketing collateral and beyond.

Services Provided: Logo Design, Custom Website Design, Business Card Design

stacey agin murrayAs soon as I saw Kate’s website and portfolio, I knew she had to be the person to redesign my 12-year-old company logo and website. I was drawn to her experience working with small businesses and authors as well as her portfolio of creative logos and websites. She listened to my needs and desires and turned them into o a perfectly-suited logo and website for my company. I get so many compliments on my new, vibrant website and I smile every time I see it. Kate was a pleasure to work with–I feel very lucky to have found her!

Stacey Agin Murray, Owner of Organized Artistry

NBS Fit Logo


A local Portland-based personal trainer needed a branding overhaul on a budget. She wanted to start with the logo, which she would then put into use on business cards, and eventually her website and other marketing collateral. The logo needed to communicate her natural, integrated approach to fitness with a slightly feminine touch while still being visually strong.

Services Provided: Logo Design, Brand Consultation, Custom Website Design

I honestly had no idea what I wanted. I had a million different ideas and none of them made sense. Kate helped me untangle the mess in my brain with great questions and examples of logos that represented descriptors I was throwing out. I love the logo we came up with! Particularly the sun spiral in the corner, which Kate was wonderful enough to twist ever so slightly when I asked. It is a little detail, but it mattered to me, so it mattered to her.

Brandie Sylfae, Personal Trainer & Owner of NBS Fit

Blissful Massage Logo

Blissful Massage

A local Portland-based massage therapist needed a logo to use on her website, service lists, business cards and other promotional materials. The logo needed to communicate an approach that is at once healing, strong, soothing and feminine.

Services Provided: Logo Design

Working with Kate is a comfortable & friendly experience. We started on my project very quickly with descriptions, words, images – and off she went on her creative process. I was pleased to see how many great options came out of our brainstorming together. Kate continues to be helpful and approachable with continued use of my logo. I will gladly refer her to other businesses and creative people!

Stephanie Paley, Massage Therapist & owner of Blissful Massage

Indigo Credit Logo

Indigo Credit – Genesis Financial Solutions

After working with Genesis on other projects, they approached me to design a logo for their Indigo Credit product line and the website on which it would be featured. The logo needed to communicate a modern, approachable and forward-thinking feeling.

Services Provided: Logo Design, Landing Page Design, Advertising Design

Working with Kate has been extremely enjoyable…[she] continually exceeds my expectations and has been an invaluable resource to our company.

Kristen Speed, Genesis Financial Solutions Marketing Director

Kelleigh Family Law Logo

Kelleigh Family Law

This new law firm wanted to update their branding along with their website when they moved into a new office space. They wanted a logo that visually referenced the kind of family law they do, so we worked with ideas of family, communication and moving forward.

Services Provided: Logo Design, Business Card Design, Website Design, WordPress Implementation

Patronica Logo


This new online venture needed a logo to capture both the function and spirit of their business, which is basically an online tip jar for musicians. The founder wanted a logo that contained an easily recognizable icon that could be easily separated from the full logo for use on social media and other applications.

Services Provided: Logo Design, Website Design, Online Marketing Design

Switchclimber Logo


This client started an internet business,, to teach computer switch users (primarily disabled children) to use the switch to power their computers through teaching software. The business needed a logo that was both playful and clean along with a website to showcase the software and encourage signups. The logo I designed ended up round to resemble a computer switch device.

Services Provided: Logo Design, Website Design, WordPress Implementation

Oregon's Kitchen table Logo

Oregon’s Kitchen Table

Oregon’s Kitchen Table is a project of the College of Urban and Public Affairs at Portland State University, and allows Oregonians to weigh in on public issues. They wanted a logo that captured the casual, participatory, approachable nature of the project, and that would have wide appeal while clearly being a project for Oregon.