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How to Give Feedback on a Website: Part 1, Tools

All too often people are left in the position of using the tools they have at their disposal for giving feedback on a website. As a web designer, I’ve received feedback as prose in an email, over the phone, as a bulleted list in a text document, as a document that has been printed, scanned, then emailed to me, etc…

And they’ve been effective for the most part – but wouldn’t it be nice if you could put your notes right in place over the actual website, then easily send that to someone?

Well, technology is a wonderful thing, and I’ve discovered this wonderful tool called Bounce (http://www.bounceapp.com/).

Bounce lets you easily add notes right over an image of any web page – you just enter the URL, they take a picture of the page, then let you make notes on it & send it on to someone. It’s simple, it’s elegant, and makes life just a little bit easier. Who could ask for anything more?!

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